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Everything Happens at Once

a quirky sci-fi comedy feature, tells the story of Sylvia, an actuarial at an insurance company, who needs to escape a mysterious 23 minute time loop, keep the world from ending, and possibly eat birthday cake.

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This movie is a labor of love. I wanted to create a straightforward sci-fi story led by women and to explore those moments where we have to make a choice, but don’t feel prepared for it. In the six years since I wrote this, we’ve all been in this situation—politics, pandemics, personal issues—more than ever, Sylvia’s dilemma is relevant to everyone.

The best of sci-fi asks: “What if?” All stories do, but sci-fi brings this to the foreground. I love the way sci-fi usually brings the technological and the moral questions of life together in ways that let us think about our own lives and decisions. I hope Everything Happens at Once will not add to the outrage culture, but perhaps suggest a way forward. 

Jason Waggoner

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Second Showing.
Jason Waggoner 6-15-2021

We sold out a second showing, and it was really great to see some of my students again. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the film.

Local Premiere Success!
Jason Waggoner 6-10-2021

The movie played to a packed house. It was a great chance to reconnect with cast and crew.

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